Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Website Redesign Teaser

One of the awesome things happening for Ikasucon is a new site design! We're going to give you a first look at what the new place is going to look like -

Department Icon Sketches
This is how the general site will appear, the elements are numbered and are described as...

1. Location and corresponding dates for the next convention
2. Ikasucon's logo
3. A fade-to-black image of the twins, our mascots
4. Similar to the current site, the main content will still hold a newsfeed containing updates and announcements. However, the new site will be more organized and will also feature image icons that will be used to represent what department the posting originated from.
5. Navigation
6. Widgets - Twitter feed, calendar, countdown timer, etc...

This is the registration page:

The registration page will be exactly like the rest of the site, but the main content area will be organized differently.

7. This will be a grid of the various "tiers" of registration prices, letting you know when the "due" date is. The tier will be grayed out once the deadline for that pricing has passed.
8. Registration-related buttons. The parental consent form button will be grayed out until it becomes available for download.
9. Registration general information
10. Registration FAQ's

I hope you're as excited as we are, it's a bright, bright future, and we're glad you are apart of it! Let us know what you think by commenting on this post!

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